Vancouver Special Renovations for Your Homes

//Vancouver Special Renovations for Your Homes
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Are you in Vancouver and looking for special renovation services to change the way your house looks or to having parts added to your home? Look no further, Walker General Contractors will do the job for you better than anyone else.

We are a fully functional and well-equipped team of specialists ready to provide you with excellent remodelling and renovation services in Vancouver. We specialize in complete home renovations and are well experienced in remodelling kitchens, bathrooms and basements. We can also add custom additions to houses that need extra space or utilities. A well-thought-out extension, renovation or addition to your home will not only make your place stand out, it can be a great investment and add value to your home if ever you want to place it in the market. Market value aside, a well-designed home with good quality materials and adequate lighting can make your home look beautiful and suit the needs of your family perfectly.

Renovating your home doesn’t have to be a tedious task, nor does it have to be expensive or difficult to manage. Walker General Contractors has the experience in numerous home additions and custom extensions and provides full service from design to build. Our team of professionals will walk you through fundamental and key home extension design principles, and provide you with the utmost guidance and offer assistance during the entire process.
Our Vancouver special renovation services include kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation and basement renovation. All three categories are decidedly different in their designs and processes and we put our level best in them to provide you with the best experience both in terms of service and also in terms of upgrading your standards of living.
Kitchen renovations are absolutely limitless in the possibilities available. You can replace your countertops, update your cabinets to the latest designs, install new state-of-the-art appliances that not only look amazing but are also energy efficient. You can even get an island added to your Vancouver kitchen without a lot of hassle. Demolishing a wall to create an open kitchen that is both stylish and functional is also possible.

Bathroom renovations also entail a lot of different aspects. Your renovation work can include all sorts of changes and details. Details such as radiant floor heating, steam showers, tile inlays, custom glass work, granite countertops and pot lighting as well as other quality finishings come together to create the atmosphere of a relaxing spa. Or you can have an entirely new bathroom built as an extension to your home.

Basements can be used for a multitude of reasons, as an office, a home theatre, a recreational room or for storage. It all depends on your needs and interests. Communicate them to us and we will give the best design and construction solutions for your space.
So whatever the kind of special renovations in Vancouver you are looking for, Walker General Contractors has you covered. Call us for a condition-less free quote to get started with your remodelling project now.

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