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Custom Home Renovations Vancouver

Custom Home Builder Vancouver

At Walker General contractors we know from a decade of experience that constant and clear communication is one of the most important factors to rewarding Custom home builder Vancouver. Custom home additions or home renovations require complete focus on every detail the client is envisioning since each custom home is unique. This focus allows WGC to faithfully translate your one of a kind vision into exactly the home you want.

Most clients choose to build a home addition because the home they’ve been searching for their entire lives exists only in their head. WGC is one of the top custom home builder Vancouver and offers free consultations; they help you understand every detail, the steps and costs involved in realizing your unique vision.

At every step of the construction process, they will inform you of the progress being made, and the next steps they are undertaking so the client feels reassured that their dream of a custom home addition is in dependable hands.

Please contact us for a free quote or consultations regarding custom home renovations Vancouver and additions at 604-781-7785 or send an email to

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    Walker General Contractors are experienced and affordable custom home builders Vancouver which provides full service custom homes as well as specific home additions.

    • Tiling

    • Flooring Install

    • Carpentry

    • Cabinetry

    • Dry walling, Insulating

    • Electrical, Plumbing

    • Painting

    • Framing

    Custom Floor Plans & Designs – Custom Home Builder Vancouver

    Throughout the construction process of your new home additions in Vancouver, Walker General contractors will inform you of the current status of your build, from framing, mechanical, electrical, finishing, and cabinetry, the home owner will be notified of each step and be shown the progress to make sure they are happy.  This customer service approach allows WGC to discuss your preferences and the specific design details of your home.

    To take the clients concepts of their custom home renovations Vancouver from their vision and create a design that encapsulates everything they wanted is the cornerstone of the approach that WGC uses which has allowed them to become one of Vancouver’s top home renovation and home addition companies.

    Please contact us for a free quote or consultations regarding Custom home builder Vancouver and additions at 604-781-7785 or send an email to

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    • Conceptualization

    • Brainstorming

    • Execution

    • Refining

    • Inspection

    • Finalization

    • Conceptualization

    • Brainstorming

    • Execution

    • Refining

    • Inspection

    • Finalization

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    If you have been looking at the potential for custom home additions, hiring your local custom home builders in Vancouver could be a valuable option to consider. Custom home construction for your extension can offer a valuable way to provide more space in your property and improve your home value. Make sure you choose a reputable and affordable team to get the best value for money from your home addition.

    If you have been considering getting a home extension from “custom home contractors near me” then it’s absolutely crucial you consider the cost to build custom home additions. Fortunately, custom additions and extensions will significantly increase the value of your property, meaning that you won’t lose any money on the cost of your extension. Furthermore, if you choose a competitively priced local custom house builder in Vancouver, you’ll be able to benefit from generous discounts for your custom home designs.

    If your custom home designs require more floor space, then considering an extension could be a valuable opportunity. However, extensions can be an expensive investment, and while you will see the return in terms of increased house value in most cases, it’s still an expensive additional cost to build custom home extensions. Generally, expanding out will be more affordable than extending up; this all depends on the planning requirements for your home, though, so it’s worth getting advice from your local “custom home contractors near me” before deciding.

    If you need more space for your home but you’re not entirely sure that you want to move house, building a custom home could be a great option by adding home additions. Building up or out can be a great way to increase the amount of floor space for your home, and you’ll save money by extending your home when compared to paying for a new home, arranging a new mortgage, paying real estate agent fees, and the like. As such, custom home designs and additions are usually cheaper. 

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